Thank You Letters

Within a day or two of the interview, send a thank you note to those involved in the interview process, expressing your gratitude and interest in the position. Mention the names of everyone who attended the interview, and reference something you specifically talked about. Phrases such as: “I look forward to continuing our conversation about Issue A”, or “I valued your insights into current Event B and am curious to hear more”, are good examples to include.

If the interviewer mentioned a time line for contacting you when you met in person, wait for that date to pass before you send a follow up. If they didn’t, wait about a week to send one. This message should be longer than your thank you note, but still concise. Express your continued interest in the position, bringing up specifics in the context. Try to close with a statement that invites additional contact. After sending out follow-ups, wait for the employer to contact you. You don’t want to seem overly persistent.


  • Collect business cards from everyone included in the interview so you have current contact information.
  • Send your email from a professional email address.
  • Send your thank you note as quickly as possible after the interview.
  • Be brief but specific. You can reiterate your credentials but don’t reprint your resume.
  • Keep your tone warm but professional.
  • If supporting documents would have helped during the interview, include them with your thank you note.

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