Contract Staffing


With more than 25 years of experience in contract-based staffing, the ISG Resources management team has become a valuable partner to companies requiring flexible access to technical, manufacturing and industrial expertise. With strong roots serving product and equipment suppliers in the automotive industry, ISG has branched out to serve a wide range of engineering firms and other technology-intensive businesses nationwide. And across specialties in design, production, quality assurance and other positions, our contract staff share a common commitment to their profession—a work ethic that will help keep your company on pace, on time and under budget. ISG has the track record and the employee performance guarantees to demonstrate our superior service levels.


Let ISG locate, recruit, pre-screen and payroll the talent you need to get the job done right. Complement your workforce, on demand, on an hourly basis. The contractor remains an ISG employee throughout the duration of the contract. ISG administers all taxes, payroll, and employee benefits including medical and dental insurance. You pay a simple, set fee based on the amount of actual time worked.


Hiring can be costly and time intensive. With ISG, you can evaluate personnel as contractors before transitioning to permanent status. Our contract-to-hire option offers you the chance to monitor employee skill levels, confirm corporate compatibility and evaluate employee perfor¬mance, prior to making a long-term decision.

Our Clients

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