Employee Hosting


ISG Resources goes the extra mile to offer additional services that help our clients better manage their operations through turbulent economic times. With hosting, your key staff transition to the ISG payroll—with full benefits—and continue their responsibilities under contract with your company. Employee hosting serves many purposes. We can organize a program to help you lower your labor costs. Through employee hosting, we can help you retain key staff and, through our pre-defined benefit packages, add a level of convenience for individual personnel. And if you’ve identified a critically valuable candidate for employment, we give you an alternative hiring method.

A Flexible Hiring Alternative

ISG lets you protect your organization’s intellectual capital. Often a temporary arrangement, our employee hosting option provides the ability for you to re-hire your employees when feasible — with no additional fees.

While on payroll with ISG, your staff will have access to a full range of benefits: medical and dental insurance, holidays, vacation, and retirement plans.

Through hosting, you’ll demonstrate commitment to your employees and enjoy new flexibility in managing human resources.

Our Clients

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